MIG-31B Foxhound
      MIG-31B Foxhound
      MIG-31B Foxhound
      MIG-31B Foxhound
      MIG-31B Foxhound
      MIG-31B Foxhound

      MIG-31B Foxhound Aircraft Model

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      A 1/72 scale premium diecast model aircraft of a Mikoyan MIG-31B Foxhound - Kazakh Air Defense Forces, Red 08, Sary-Arka Airport, Kazahkstan, 2012.

      This premium model features:

      • Precision-crafted at a 1/72 scale for authentic detail.
      • Made with durable die-cast metal and minimal plastic.
      • Crisp, pad-printed markings and insignias.
      • Includes a detailed crew figure for added realism.
      • Comes with a stylish, sturdy display stand.
      • Adaptable landing gear for varied display options.
      • Sought-after collectible item for enthusiasts.

      This model has a wingspan width of 18cm (7.25") and a nose-to-tail length of 32cm (12.5").

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      1/72 Scale Mikoyan MIG-31 Diecast Model

      Model Details

      Scale & Dimensions:

      Experience the grandeur of aviation history with this exquisite 1/72 scale model aircraft, a true-to-life representation of the Mikoyan MIG-31. Measuring 18cm (7.25") in wingspan and 32cm (12.5") from nose to tail, this scale model is a perfect blend of precision and prominence, ideal for display and admiration.

      Material and Build:

      Constructed with high-quality diecast metal, this model airplane showcases exceptional durability and longevity. The minimal use of plastic enhances its realistic appeal, making it not just a model, but a piece of art. This display model's robust build quality ensures it remains a timeless addition to any collection.

      Detail and Accuracy:

      Every inch of this diecast model aircraft resonates with meticulous attention to detail. From the crisp, pad-printed markings and insignias to the intricately designed crew figure, the Mikoyan MIG-31 model airplane is a testament to precision and accuracy, mirroring the iconic aircraft's true essence.

      Special Features:

      Beyond its stunning aesthetics, this model aircraft features adaptable landing gear, offering diverse display possibilities. Paired with a stylish and sturdy stand, this model airplane becomes a centerpiece in any aviation enthusiast’s collection.

      Historical Significance

      Development and First Flight:

      The Mikoyan MIG-31, a formidable name in aviation history, made its first ascent into the skies with a promise of unparalleled performance and agility. This aircraft model represents a piece of this storied past, capturing the essence of its groundbreaking debut.

      Combat History:

      Renowned for its role in various conflicts, the MIG-31 has been a cornerstone in the arsenals of top military operators. This model aircraft embodies the might and strategic importance of the original, serving as a symbol of aerial prowess.


      The MIG-31, famed for setting numerous records and achieving many firsts in the world of aviation, is celebrated in this scale model. It’s a tribute to the aircraft's revolutionary impact and enduring legacy in aerospace history.

      Technical Aspects

      Aircraft Variants:

      The MIG-31 has seen several variants, each adapting to the evolving demands of aerial warfare. This model airplane encapsulates the spirit of innovation that drove these developments, making it more than just a model – it’s a piece of history.

      General Specifications:

      Known for its impressive speed, extensive range, and high service ceiling, the MIG-31's feats are well represented in this detailed aircraft model. It invites enthusiasts to explore the technical marvels that made the aircraft legendary.

      Weaponry and Defense:

      This model aircraft doesn’t just showcase the MIG-31's formidable design but also its impressive armament and defense capabilities, a hallmark of its dominance in the skies.

      Innovative Features:

      The MIG-31 was ahead of its time, introducing groundbreaking technology and design. This scale model is a nod to those innovative strides, capturing the essence of the aircraft's advanced capabilities.

      Embrace the opportunity to own a piece of aviation history with this Mikoyan MIG-31 diecast model. Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts alike, it’s more than just a model airplane; it's a symbol of technological prowess and historical significance. Add this exquisite model to your collection and let it take pride of place, a constant reminder of the marvels of aviation.

      Don't miss out on this sought-after collectible item. Let the Mikoyan MIG-31 scale model elevate your collection and reignite your passion for aviation history. Purchase now and let this masterpiece soar into your life!


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      Zinc Alloy

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      MIG-31B Foxhound

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      MIG-31B Foxhound
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