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Aircraft Model Affiliate Program

AirModels Affiliate Program

The #1 Airplane Model Affiliate Program.

Becoming an affiliate with us is an easy and effective way to earn revenue from your aviation/aircraft website or audience. By placing links to our products with your unique affiliate link, you'll earn a very generous commission from any referred sales.

Why partner with us?

Not only were we one of the first to introduce an affiliate program to the aircraft model industry, but years down the line we're still the leading affiliate program provider with the highest available commission rates.

  • Receive up to 20% commission on the total-order value - with uncapped earnings!
  • We deliver & serve customers worldwide, and accept payment in all major currencies
  • Real-time tracking dashboard overview for all traffic, clicks & sales
  • Tried & tested by top aviation blogs and high-profile content creators
  • Huge range of products and with an ever expanding catalogue
  • Easy set up - no contracts or hassle. You choose how much, or how little to promote our products.

We've also got a dedicated affiliate team who are always happy to help with any affiliate queries. If you're not too sure on how to promote us, or which products to promote - we are more than happy to help provide suggestions on what we would think would perform best for your audience, content or website.

Read our Affiliate Documentation for the sign-up instructions:

We've compiled a PDF document which explains our program in further details on how it works and what to expect, along with example adverts of how our current affiliates are advertising our products - which is very helpful for those who have not done any affiliate work in the past.

To apply for an affiliate account, the instructions and link to apply are included in the PDF document below:

> View our affiliate program documentation


We are looking forward to working with you!

If you have any further questions or queries regarding our program, please contact our affiliate support team by emailing us at: