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Premium SR-71 Restocked

Premium SR-71 Restocked

The wait is over - The Premium extra large 1/72 scale SR-71 Blackbird model is now back in stock!

A large 1/72 scale premium diecast model of a Lockheed Martin SR-71A Blackbird - 61-7960

Introducing our premium iteration of the SR-71, boasting intricate details and an imposing size that is sure to command attention in any setting. Weighing in at just under 2kg, this exceptional model is a sight to behold and is certain to leave a lasting impression. 

This model includes detachable and rotating landing gear, along with covers to display the model in flight mode. The canopy is adjustable and can be displayed open or closed.

Includes a free metal display stand.

This model has a wingspan width of 23.5cm (9.2") and a nose-to-tail length of 44cm (17.3").

>> Click here to view the SR-71A Blackbird - 61-7960