F-14B Tomcat - VF-102 Diamondbacks
      F-14B Tomcat - VF-102 Diamondbacks
      F-14B Tomcat - VF-102 Diamondbacks
      F-14B Tomcat - VF-102 Diamondbacks
      F-14B Tomcat - VF-102 Diamondbacks
      F-14B Tomcat - VF-102 Diamondbacks

      F-14B Tomcat - VF-102 Diamondbacks

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      A premium 1/72 scale diecast model of a Grumman F-14B Tomcat -  163225, VF-102 Diamondbacks , 2002 "OEF".

      This premium model features:

      • True 1/72 scale, ensuring accurate representation of the iconic aircraft
      • Features sweeping wings which can be adjusted to your preference
      • Professionally painted with great attention to detail
      • All markings are tampoed (pad applied) for a realistic look
      • Option to display the model on a stand that is provided, with the landing gear in the up or down positions
      • Optional armament provided, and a canopy that can be displayed open or closed
      • Pilot figure included for added realism
      • Made of extremely heavy metal with a minimum of plastic, making it a durable and long-lasting addition to your collection
      • Highly sought after and collectable
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      General Background

      The Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a twin-engine aircraft with variable sweep wings for supersonic flight. It has a pilot and a radar intercept officer who handle navigation, target acquisition, ECM, and weapons. The Tomcat was used by the United States Navy and the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force. Its name "Tomcat" comes from Vice Admiral Thomas Connolly's call-sign, following the tradition of naming Grumman aircraft after felines.

      The Aircraft

      VF-102 "Diamondbacks" was established on July 1, 1955, as VA-36 and quickly became VF-102. In June 1994, it got the F-14B. From September 19, 2002, to March 27, 2002, VF-102 was on the USS Theodore Roosevelt supporting "Operation Enduring Freedom." During "OEF," VF-102 had 5,000 combat missions, dropped 680 bombs, and guided 50,000 pounds of precision munitions. After 159 days at sea, VF-102 converted to the F/A-18F. In 2003, the F-14B was moved to VF101.


      Role: Carrier-based multi-role strike fighter
      First Flight: F-14A 1970, F-14B (F-14A+) 1986, F-14D 1990
      Last Production Year: F-14D July 20, 1992
      Number All Variants Produced: 710
      Crew: 2 (pilot and radar intercept officer)


      Length: 62 ft 8 inches
      Wingspan (Swept): 38 ft 2.5 inches
      Wingspan (Unswept): 64 ft 1.5 inches
      Height: 16 ft


      Powerplants: F-14A 2 x P&W TF-30-P414A, F-14B 2 x GE F-110-GE-400, F-14D 2 x GE F-110-GE-400
      Maximum Thrust: F-14A 34,154 lbs, F-14B 56,400 lbs, F-14D 56,400 lbs
      Maximum Speed: F-14A 1,544 mph (Mach 2.38), F-14B 1,544 mph (Mach 2.38), F-14D 1,544 mph (Mach 2.38)
      Ceiling: F-14A 50,000+ ft, F-14B 53,000+ ft, F-14D 53,000+ ft
      Range: F-14A 1,730 nm, F-14B 2,050 nm, F-14D 2,050 nm


      Empty: F-14A 40,104 pounds, F-14B 41,780 pounds, F-14D 43,735 pounds
      Maximum: F-14A 72,000 pounds, F-14B 74,349 pounds, F-14D 74,349 pounds


      1 x MK-61A1 Vulcan 20mm cannon

      Maximum Weight: 13,000 lbs. of combined ordnance

      Air-Air Missiles
      • 6 AIM-7 Sparrows
      • 4 AIM-9 Sidewinder
      • 6 AIM-54 Phoenix
      • MK-82 (500 lbs.)
      • 4 MK-83 (1,000 lbs.)
      • 4 MK-84 (2,000 lbs.)
      • MK-20 cluster bombs
      • 4 GBU-10 LGB
      • GBU-12 MK-82 LGB
      • 4 GBU-16 MK-83 LGB
      • 4 GBU-24 MK-84 LGB

      Data sheet

      Model Scale
      Zinc Alloy

      Specific References

      Ryan D08/11/2022
      High quality is real!

      Very high quality model with customizable parts. Im proud to have it on my living room shelf

        Farhad T20/01/2021

        Magnificent. Securely packed and top quality. Very nice model. For me 10/10. It was exactly as described on the website. Many thanks.

          ANTHONY C21/04/2020
          Great piece, instructions could be clearer

          The model is actually a 10/10...it is an incredibly beautiful piece. 1/2 star removed for instruction clarity. In short: IM MAVERICK...YOU CAN BE GOOSE!!! I broke it the first day. The instructions give the impression the pylons can be removed. I was able to fix it but i just wish the instruction card was a little clearer that those should not be removed. the back is also blank, a waste of space that couldve been used to give other load-out options. Other than my brain fart...a very well molded, painted and put together piece. Id buy it again.

            Roger G16/06/2019
            TOP quality!!

            This premium F14 model is absolutely top quality! Very heavy metal and with the ability to move the wings in and out, it is a masterpiece!! Highly recommend you will not be disappointed!

              Stephen R14/06/2019
              Good model

              Excellent model very heavy

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                F-14B Tomcat - VF-102 Diamondbacks

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                F-14B Tomcat - VF-102 Diamondbacks

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