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Junkers Ju 290 Aircraft Models

Explore our range of diecast models of the Junkers Ju 290 - Authentically Detailed, Historically Significant, and Collectible Airplane Models.

The Junkers Ju 290 was a large, German long-range aircraft used during World War II for a variety of roles, including transport, maritime reconnaissance, and as a bomber. Developed from the earlier Ju 90 commercial airliner, the Ju 290 featured extended range and payload capabilities, making it suitable for long-distance missions, including transatlantic flights.

Key variants of the Ju 290 included the Ju 290A (a transport and maritime patrol aircraft), Ju 290A-7 (reconnaissance version equipped with advanced radar), and Ju 290B (planned bomber variant). Its use in strategic roles such as transporting crucial supplies, long-range reconnaissance over the Atlantic, and even serving as Adolf Hitler’s personal transport aircraft, make the Ju 290 a notable subject in the annals of military aviation. This history, combined with its distinctive design, appeals to aviation enthusiasts and model collectors, particularly those interested in the multifaceted aircraft of World War II.