Sukhoi SU-35S Flanker E “Aggressors”
      Sukhoi SU-35S Flanker E “Aggressors”
      Sukhoi SU-35S Flanker E “Aggressors”
      Sukhoi SU-35S Flanker E “Aggressors”
      Sukhoi SU-35S Flanker E “Aggressors”
      Sukhoi SU-35S Flanker E “Aggressors”

      Sukhoi SU-35S Flanker E “Aggressors” Aircraft Model

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      A 1/72 scale premium diecast model aircraft of a Sukhoi SU-35S Flanker E “Aggressors”.

      Blue 01, 116th Combat Application Training Center of Fighter Aviation, VKS, Sept 2022 (no weapons).

      This premium model features:

      • Precision-crafted at a 1/72 scale for authentic detail.
      • Made with durable die-cast metal and minimal plastic.
      • Crisp, pad-printed markings and insignias.
      • Includes a detailed crew figure for added realism.
      • Comes with a stylish, sturdy display stand.
      • Adaptable landing gear for varied display options.
      • Sought-after collectible item for enthusiasts.

      This model has a wingspan width of 20cm (8") and a nose-to-tail length of 30cm (12").

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      1/72 Scale Sukhoi SU-35 Flanker Diecast Model


      Embark on a journey through the skies with the meticulously crafted 1/72 scale Sukhoi SU-35 Flanker diecast model. A spectacle of aviation encapsulated in a tangible form, this aircraft model invites you to explore the enthralling universe of a renowned jet fighter, captured with unparalleled detail and authenticity in every inch of its scale model.

      Scale & Dimensions:

      The Sukhoi SU-35 diecast model, artfully executed at a 1/72 scale, promises meticulous attention to detail across its 20cm (8") wingspan and 30cm (12") nose-to-tail length, ensuring the imposing aura of the original aircraft is brilliantly conveyed in a space-conscious airplane model.

      Material and Build:

      The convergence of durable die-cast metal and minimalistic use of plastic culminates in a diecast model that is not only sturdy but also intricately detailed. The careful assembly and construction afford this model aircraft a durable presence and aesthetic appeal that whispers tales of lofty altitudes and daring aerial exploits.

      Detail and Accuracy:

      Precision stands front and center in this aircraft model, with crisp, pad-printed markings and insignias, and a painstakingly detailed crew figure ensuring an immersive and true-to-life representation. Every minutia from the original Sukhoi SU-35 is respected and reflected in this stunning model airplane, inviting the onlooker to an experience that is as close to the real aircraft as one can traverse.

      Special Features:

      The adaptable landing gear offers varied display options, inviting you to curate how you'd like this display model to grace your space. With its stylish, sturdy display stand, this scale model triumphantly melds visual appeal with interactive engagement, making it a dynamic addition to any collection.

      Historical Significance

      Development and First Flight:

      The Sukhoi SU-35 took its first resolute steps into the skies in 1988, offering an evolved, enhanced aerodynamic prowess and technological marvel, establishing an unshakable pillar in the annals of aviation history.

      Combat History:

      Respected and acknowledged for its role across several conflict zones, the SU-35 seamlessly melds historical importance with aeronautical distinction. As you gaze upon this aircraft model, may the tales of its expeditions infuse your space with an unparalleled spirit of aerial adventurism.


      The SU-35, amidst its illustrious journey, carved its name into numerous records and significant milestones, amplifying its stature not merely as a vehicle of combat but as an immortal legend in the aviation realm.

      Technical Aspects

      Aircraft Variants:

      With various iterations and variants developed over the years, each offering its unique set of capabilities and advancements, the SU-35 is a marvel of aeronautical engineering, seamlessly fusing innovative technology with pragmatic application in every conceived variant.

      General Specifications:

      Encompassing staggering speed, impressive range, and a commendable service ceiling, the SU-35 not merely traversed the skies but claimed them. Every technical specification is a testament to a legacy that now finds a home in this precise model aircraft.

      Weaponry and Defense:

      Armed with a formidable array of weaponry and bolstered by intricate defense mechanisms, the SU-35 stood as a tangible manifestation of aerial might, now echoed in every facet of this aircraft model.

      Innovative Features:

      The aircraft, laced with groundbreaking technologies and design elements during its conception, solidified its place as a beacon of innovation in a constantly evolving aerospace landscape.

      Seize this chance to own a fragment of aviation history and a masterpiece of modeling craftsmanship. Every curve, every detail of the 1/72 scale Sukhoi SU-35 Flanker model beckons you towards a realm where engineering and artistry coalesce in a symphony of diecast perfection. Elevate your collection to new altitudes and let this remarkable airplane model become the centerpiece of your assemblage. Navigate towards the “Add to Cart” button and anchor this aeronautical triumph into your abode today.


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      Marwan A28/12/2021

      Very detailed and accurate. I think the price is bit high. And how do u order replacement parts?

        Ross Parry01/12/2021
        SU35 Heaven

        Amazing quality and larger than expected. Quick delivery and tracked postage, I couldnt of asked for any more! Thank you!

          Earle Y23/06/2020
          3 jets

          i recently purchased 3 jets to add to my massive collection. as usual all were superb. the first to come was the russian su-35. i was very impressed with the colour. the next to arrive was the grumman prowler. you cant get more impressive than the 2 cockpit 4 pilot jet. finally the mcdonnell douglas f-15 eagle. all of these jets are beautifully hand crafted die cast models with perfect painting.. all have pilots and open or closed cockpits and an assortment of weapons that allow you to individualize the model. all come with a display base. the models were well packed to avoid damage and airmodels is a very responsive company. i can recommend their products most highly.

            Paul S19/11/2019
            Amazing !!!

            What a beautiful fighter jet with so many realistic details, I would like to see one for real...

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              Sukhoi SU-35S Flanker E “Aggressors”

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              Sukhoi SU-35S Flanker E “Aggressors”
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