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    Sukhoi SU-57 Stealth Fighter (T-50)
    Sukhoi SU-57 Stealth Fighter (T-50)
    Sukhoi SU-57 Stealth Fighter (T-50)
    Sukhoi SU-57 Stealth Fighter (T-50)
    Sukhoi SU-57 Stealth Fighter (T-50)
    Sukhoi SU-57 Stealth Fighter (T-50)
    Sukhoi SU-57 Stealth Fighter (T-50)
    Sukhoi SU-57 Stealth Fighter (T-50)

    Sukhoi SU-57 Stealth Fighter (T-50) Aircraft Model

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    A 1/72 scale premium diecast model aircraft of a Sukhoi SU-57 Stealth Fighter (T-50).

    Bort 56, Russian Air Force, Zhukovsky Airfield, 2023 (w/KH-31 missiles)

    This premium model features:

    • 1/72 scale pre-finished.
    • Die-cast metal with a minimum of plastic.
    • Professionally painted.
    • All markings are pad applied for superb results.
    • Crew figure.
    • Comes with display stand.
    • Landing gear can be displayed up or down.
    • Extremely sought after by collectors.
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    1/72 Sukhoi SU-57 Stealth Fighter Diecast Model

    Model Details

    Scale & Dimensions:

    This exquisite scale model aircraft of the Sukhoi SU-57 Stealth Fighter, meticulously crafted at a 1/72 scale, boasts dimensions that encapsulate its grandeur. Measuring approximately 22 cm (8.7 inches) in length, it stands as a testament to precision and scale, offering a tangible piece of aviation history for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

    Material and Build:

    Constructed from premium die-cast metal with a minimum of plastic, this diecast model airplane model combines durability with meticulous craftsmanship. Its solid build quality ensures a weighty feel in the hand, portraying a remarkable replica of the iconic aircraft. The model is professionally painted, capturing the aircraft's sleek aesthetics with unmatched accuracy.

    Detail and Accuracy:

    With all markings pad applied, this airplane model achieves superb results in accuracy and detail. The inclusion of a meticulously sculpted crew figure enhances the model's realism, offering a glimpse into the cockpit's dynamic environment. The precision in detailing extends to the landing gear, which can be displayed in either a retracted or deployed state, adding to the model's versatility.

    Special Features:

    This display model comes with a display stand, allowing collectors to showcase the aircraft in flight mode, accentuating its stealthy silhouette. Its ability to be displayed with the landing gear up or down provides multiple display options, catering to the preferences of discerning collectors.

    Historical Significance

    Development and First Flight:

    The Sukhoi SU-57, initially known as the T-50 during its development phase, represents the pinnacle of Russian stealth and aerodynamic engineering. It took to the skies for its maiden flight in January 2010, marking a significant milestone in modern combat aviation. Designed to succeed the venerable Sukhoi SU-27, the SU-57 was crafted to excel in stealth, speed, and agility.

    Combat History:

    Though relatively new to the theater of combat, the SU-57 has been positioned to play a pivotal role in future conflicts. It stands as Russia's premier fifth-generation fighter, set to challenge the dominance of Western stealth aircraft.


    The SU-57 has achieved numerous milestones, including advanced maneuverability tests and the integration of next-generation weaponry. Its design emphasizes reduced radar cross-section and superior performance, setting new standards for air superiority fighters.

    Technical Aspects

    Aircraft Variants:

    While the SU-57 is itself a breakthrough model, it has seen various adaptations to enhance its capabilities further. These include modifications for increased stealth, advanced avionics, and engine upgrades, showcasing the platform's adaptability and future potential.

    General Specifications:

    The SU-57 boasts impressive specifications, including a top speed of over Mach 2, a range of approximately 3,500 km, and a service ceiling that surpasses 20,000 meters. These attributes affirm its status as a formidable asset in aerial combat.

    Weaponry and Defense:

    Armed with a versatile array of weaponry, including the latest in air-to-air, air-to-ground, and anti-ship missiles, the SU-57 is a master of both offense and defense. Its sophisticated radar and sensor suite enable unparalleled situational awareness, making it a formidable opponent in any engagement.

    This 1/72 scale Sukhoi SU-57 Stealth Fighter diecast model is not just a model; it's a piece of aviation history, a testament to human ingenuity and the spirit of discovery. Its unparalleled detail, premium build quality, and historical significance make it an extremely sought-after piece among collectors. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the world of scale models, this aircraft model is a must-have addition to your collection. Experience the thrill of owning a piece of aviation history. Make it yours today.


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    Excellent choice

    If you have to buy ONE model from this website it's honestly this one. I was really surprised by how big and beautiful this model is when I received it. 10/10

      Mitchell L11/01/2023
      Extremely high quality

      The pictures do not do this model much justice, in the slightest. However this is model is of exceptional quality, and also arrived extremely well packaged. I cannot fault this at all.

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        Sukhoi SU-57 Stealth Fighter (T-50)

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        Sukhoi SU-57 Stealth Fighter (T-50)
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