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PZL W-3 Sokol Helicopter Models

Discover our selection of diecast models of the PZL W-3 Sokol - Robustly Engineered, Multipurpose, and Collectible Helicopter Models.

The PZL W-3 Sokol, meaning 'Falcon' in English, is a versatile twin-engine helicopter designed and manufactured by PZL-Świdnik in Poland. Since its introduction in the 1980s, the W-3 Sokol has gained recognition for its robust design and adaptability to a variety of roles.

Primarily used for transport, search and rescue, and emergency medical services, the W-3 Sokol has proven its capabilities in challenging operational environments, including mountainous and maritime settings. It features a spacious cabin, capable of accommodating both passengers and cargo, and can be fitted with specialized equipment for specific missions such as firefighting or offshore operations. The helicopter's reliability and performance have made it a popular choice among military and civilian operators in several countries. The PZL W-3 Sokol's diverse applications and its role in enhancing helicopter operations in Eastern Europe make it a notable subject for aviation enthusiasts and model collectors, particularly those interested in the development of multi-role helicopters and Eastern European aviation industry.