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De Havilland DH.84 Dragon Aircraft Models

Explore our collection of diecast models of the De Havilland DH.84 Dragon - Authentically Detailed, Historically Significant, and Collectible Airplane Models.

The De Havilland DH.84 Dragon was a British short-haul biplane airliner designed in the early 1930s. This reliable and versatile aircraft was initially developed for use in civil aviation, primarily for carrying passengers and mail. Its design featured a distinctive biplane configuration with two engines, allowing for improved performance and increased safety over long distances.

During World War II, the DH.84 Dragon was adapted for military use, serving in various roles including transport, training, and communication. Its rugged construction and dependable performance made it suitable for a variety of conditions and operations. Post-war, the Dragon returned to civilian service and continued to be a popular choice for small airlines and private operators. The DH.84 Dragon's role in both civil and military aviation, along with its enduring design, makes it a subject of great interest for aviation historians and model collectors, particularly those with an affinity for classic biplane designs and the evolution of early commercial aviation.