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Brewster F2A Buffalo Aircraft Models

Explore our collection of diecast models of the Brewster F2A Buffalo - Precision Crafted, Historically Significant, and Collectible Airplane Models.

The Brewster F2A Buffalo was an American fighter aircraft which saw service early in World War II. Designed and built by the Brewster Aeronautical Corporation, it was one of the U.S. Navy's first monoplane fighters. The Buffalo was characterized by its compact size, retractable landing gear, and relatively heavy armament for its era.

While it was outperformed by more advanced aircraft later in the war, the F2A Buffalo was used effectively by the Finnish Air Force against the Soviet Union, and also saw action in the Pacific Theater. The aircraft's operational history varied significantly based on the theater and conditions it was deployed in. Its role in the early years of WWII and its performance in different international contexts make it a subject of great interest for military aviation historians and model collectors, especially those fascinated by the technological evolution and varied combat performance of early WWII fighter aircraft.