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Sukhoi SU-30 Aircraft Models

Discover our selection of diecast models of the Sukhoi SU-30 - Expertly Crafted, Highly Advanced, and Collectible Airplane Models.

The Sukhoi Su-30 is a multirole fighter aircraft developed from the Sukhoi Su-27. It is a two-seat, twin-engine fighter jet designed for long-range air-to-air and air-to-ground deep interdiction missions. The Su-30, with its advanced avionics, supermaneuverability, and substantial payload, represents a significant evolution in combat aircraft design and capabilities.

Key features of the Su-30 include thrust-vectoring engines for enhanced combat maneuverability and an integrated avionics suite that enables the simultaneous engagement of air and ground targets. The aircraft has seen widespread use and various customized versions, including the Su-30MKI (for India), Su-30MKK (for China), and Su-30SM (for Russia). Its operational flexibility, combined with cutting-edge technology, makes the Su-30 a formidable aircraft in modern air combat and a subject of great interest for military aviation enthusiasts and model collectors, especially those interested in contemporary fighter jet capabilities.