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EF-111 Raven

General Dynamics EF-111 Raven Airplane Models

Discover our exclusive collection of diecast models of the General Dynamics EF-111 Raven - Intricately Crafted, True-to-Life, and Collectible Aircraft Models.

The EF-111 Raven, a specialized electronic warfare aircraft developed by General Dynamics, represents a pinnacle in aerial electronic capabilities. Based on the F-111 Aardvark airframe, the Raven was introduced in the late 1970s. It played a crucial role in jamming enemy radar systems, making it an invaluable asset in protecting strike aircraft during complex missions. Its distinctive feature is the large electronic warfare system housed in a fin-like structure on its back, replacing the Aardvark's bombing capabilities.

The EF-111 Raven, with its unique silhouette and advanced electronic warfare technology, stands as a testament to the ingenuity and innovation in modern military aviation. It served primarily with the United States Air Force, playing a key role in various conflicts before being retired, making it a prized model for collectors and military aviation enthusiasts.