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Avro Lancaster Aircraft Models

View our selection of scale diecast models of the Lancaster - Ready to Display, Replica & Miniature Airplane Models.

Manufactured by Avro, the Lancaster is a hallmark of British aviation history. This iconic bomber of World War II is revered for its significant role in major bombing campaigns, notably the 1943 "Operation Chastise" against German dams. Its impressive payload capacity, durability, and range made it one of the most effective night bombers of the era, etching its name in military history.

Key variants of the Lancaster include the Lancaster B I, equipped with Merlin engines; the Lancaster B III, which featured Packard-built Merlin engines; and the Lancaster B X, specifically built in Canada with Packard Merlins. Each variant represents a unique aspect of the Lancaster's service history, appealing to collectors and World War II aficionados.