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Chinese Air Force

A selection of our Chinese Air Force related aircraft.

Chinese Air Force

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Boeing Model 281

A 1/48 premium diecast scale model of a Chinese Air Force Boeing Model 281 - 1703, 17th Sqn, Nanking, WWII.


This premium model features:


  • Die-cast metal with a minimal use of plastic
  • Professionally painted
  • Includes a detachable pilot
  • Includes a display stand
Out of stock
Chengdu J-10

A 1/72 diecast metal scale model of a Chengdu J-10 (Vigorous Dragon).


A single-engine, lightweight fighter aircraft capable of all-weather operation, configured with a delta wing and canard design.


Includes a free display stand.


This model has a wingspan width of 14cm and a nose-to-tail length of 24cm.

Out of stock
Polikarpov I-16 ROCAF

A 1/72 diecast scale model of a Polikarpov I-16 (Republic of China Air Force Combat ACE).


A Soviet fighter aircraft of revolutionary design - the worlds first low-wing cantilever monoplane fighter with retractable landing gear.


Includes a free display stand.