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    CF-101B Voodoo
    CF-101B Voodoo
    CF-101B Voodoo
    CF-101B Voodoo
    CF-101B Voodoo
    CF-101B Voodoo

    CF-101B Voodoo Aircraft Model

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    A 1/72 scale premium diecast model aircraft of a McDonnell CF-101B Voodoo - CAF N0.409 (Nighthawk) Sqn, CFB Comox, Canada, 1982.

    This premium model features:

    • Precision-crafted at a 1/72 scale for authentic detail.
    • Made with durable die-cast metal and minimal plastic.
    • Crisp, pad-printed markings and insignias.
    • Includes a detailed crew figure for added realism.
    • Comes with a stylish, sturdy display stand.
    • Adaptable landing gear for varied display options.
    • Sought-after collectible item for enthusiasts.

    This model has a wingspan width of 17cm (6.75") and a nose-to-tail length of 28.5cm (11.25").

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    1/72 Scale McDonnell CF-101 Voodoo Diecast Model

    Model Details

    Scale & Dimensions:

    Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this 1/72 scale model aircraft brings the iconic McDonnell CF-101 Voodoo to life in a compact size. Measuring an impressive 17cm (6.75 inches) in wingspan and 28.5cm (11.25 inches) from nose to tail, this display model is perfectly sized for showcasing on your desk or shelf.

    Material and Build:

    Made from high-quality diecast metal with minimal plastic parts, this diecast model airplane is built to last. Its sturdy construction ensures longevity, making it a valuable addition to any collection of model airplanes.

    Detail and Accuracy:

    Every aspect of the McDonnell CF-101 Voodoo is replicated with precision in this scale model, from the crisply pad-printed markings and insignias to the realistic crew figure. The attention to detail in this model aircraft is sure to impress even the most discerning enthusiasts.

    Special Features:

    This model airplane stands out with its adaptable landing gear, allowing for varied display options. The included stylish, sturdy display stand enhances its presentation, making it an eye-catching centerpiece in any model aircraft collection.

    Historical Significance

    Development and First Flight:

    The McDonnell CF-101 Voodoo, a staple in military aviation, made its first flight in the 1950s. It was developed as a supersonic interceptor, demonstrating advanced aerospace engineering of its time.

    Combat History:

    Renowned for its service in the Cold War era, the CF-101 Voodoo played a significant role in air defense. It was operated by top groups such as the United States Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force.


    The aircraft achieved several milestones, including impressive speed records and critical roles in various defense operations, marking its place in aviation history.

    Technical Aspects

    Aircraft Variants:

    The McDonnell CF-101 Voodoo saw several variants over its service life, each tailored to specific roles and requirements. These variants included reconnaissance and electronic warfare versions, showcasing the versatility of this remarkable aircraft.

    General Specifications:

    The CF-101 Voodoo boasted impressive specifications, including a top speed that exceeded Mach 2, a range of over 1,000 miles, and a service ceiling above 50,000 feet, making it a formidable presence in the skies.

    Weaponry and Defense:

    Armed for its interceptor role, the Voodoo was equipped with advanced air-to-air missiles and a powerful radar system, ensuring its dominance in aerial combat scenarios.

    Innovative Features:

    Among its groundbreaking features were its unique engine design and advanced aerodynamics, setting new standards in military aviation technology and influencing future aircraft designs.

    Embark on a journey through aviation history with this exquisite 1/72 scale McDonnell CF-101 Voodoo diecast model. As a sought-after collectible item, it not only commemorates a significant chapter in military aviation but also serves as a testament to your appreciation for detailed craftsmanship and historical legacy. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the world of aircraft models, this model airplane promises to be a standout addition to your collection. Its blend of historical significance, technical marvel, and unmatched detail makes it an irresistible acquisition for enthusiasts and history buffs alike.


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    CF-101B Voodoo

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    CF-101B Voodoo
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