SR-71A Blackbird - 61-7960
      SR-71A Blackbird - 61-7960
      SR-71A Blackbird - 61-7960
      SR-71A Blackbird - 61-7960
      SR-71A Blackbird - 61-7960
      SR-71A Blackbird - 61-7960

      SR-71A Blackbird - 61-7960 Aircraft Model

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      A large 1/72 scale premium diecast model aircraft of a Lockheed Martin SR-71A Blackbird - 61-7960

      Introducing our premium iteration of the SR-71, boasting intricate details and an imposing size that is sure to command attention in any setting. Weighing in at just under 2kg, this exceptional model is a sight to behold and is certain to leave a lasting impression. 

      This model includes detachable and rotating landing gear, along with covers to display the model in flight mode. The canopy is adjustable and can be displayed open or closed.

      Includes a free metal display stand.

      This model has a wingspan width of 23.5cm (9.2") and a nose-to-tail length of 44cm (17.3").

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      1/72 Scale Lockheed Martin SR-71 Blackbird Model


      Embark on a spectacular journey with this premium 1/72 scale model of the Lockheed Martin SR-71 Blackbird, a diecast model that eloquently marries historic significance with exquisite craftsmanship, ensuring an unparalleled aircraft model experience for aviation enthusiasts and collectors alike.

      Scale & Dimensions:

      Grace your collection with a sizable and intricately detailed model airplane, boasting a wingspan width of 23.5cm (9.2 inches) and a nose-to-tail length of 44cm (17.3 inches), carefully crafted to replicate the majestic aura of the original SR-71 with uncompromising authenticity.

      Material and Build:

      This diecast model embodies a robust and weighty presence, arriving at just under 2kg of pure, premium-quality materials. Each detail is meticulously constructed to offer an aircraft model that is not only visually stunning but also remarkably true to the original design and durability of the legendary Blackbird.

      Detail and Accuracy:

      Witness a scale model that stands triumphantly at the zenith of craftsmanship, portraying the SR-71 with such exactness and precision, ensuring every minute detail from the original aircraft is immaculately represented in this tangible homage to aeronautical engineering.

      Special Features:

      Engage with a myriad of interactive elements including a detachable and rotating landing gear, coupled with covers to showcase this model airplane seamlessly in flight. The adjustable canopy allows you to display the cockpit in both open and closed configurations, while the complimentary metal display stand ensures a dignified presentation wherever it resides.

      Historical Significance

      Development and First Flight:

      The SR-71, a testament to the pinnacle of aviation technology, took its first celestial soiree in 1964. Conceived as a long-range reconnaissance aircraft, it became a beacon of aerospace achievement with capabilities and speeds that remain legendary to this day.

      Combat History:

      Throughout its operational history, the SR-71 played a crucial role in Cold War reconnaissance, conducting surveillance operations that provided pivotal intelligence, without once being struck by enemy fire, despite over 4,000 attempts to intercept it during its service.


      With a service ceiling above 85,000 feet and the ability to accelerate beyond Mach 3, the SR-71 doesn't just hold records; it became a symbol of American ingenuity and a hallmark in aviation milestones.

      Technical Aspects

      Aircraft Variants:

      Throughout its tenure, the SR-71 saw various iterations, each model slightly altered and adapted for its intended missions and experimental endeavors, ensuring it remained perpetually enshrouded in a veil of mystery and technological advancement.

      General Specifications:

      The Blackbird was an epitome of speed and altitude, providing intercontinental surveillance at speeds of Mach 3+ and reaching altitudes that provided a borderline spaceflight experience for its pilots.

      Weaponry and Defense:

      While not armed in the conventional sense, the SR-71 defended itself with blistering speed, capable of outrunning threats and providing an unprecedented strategic vantage point that proved invaluable to intelligence operations.

      Innovative Features:

      The SR-71 was crafted with pioneering technologies, featuring specialized materials to withstand its intense speed and altitude, as well as advanced avionics that remained classified for decades, harboring secrets of its legendary exploits.

      Commandeer a slice of aviation history and let this Lockheed Martin SR-71 Blackbird scale model adorn your collection, presenting not merely a display model, but a tangible connection to a transcendent era of aeronautical achievement. Aviators, historians, and modelers alike will discover a new horizon of discussion and admiration surrounding this impeccably crafted aircraft model. Witness the SR-71, an airplane model that defies mere observation, and instead, invites you to explore every intricate detail, every historical nuance, and become an integral part of your collection.

      Ready to ascend into a realm where history and craftsmanship collide spectacularly? Add this magnificent Lockheed Martin SR-71 Blackbird to your cart and secure a model airplane that will perpetually soar through the illustrious skies of aeronautical legend.


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      Zinc Alloy

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      Exceptional SR-71

      An exceptional model of the SR-71 displayed proudly on my model cabinet. (It won't fit inside so it's on top! It looks great!!)


        I have been waiting for this SR-71 model to be back in stock for well over a year. And I finally received it today. The pictures do not do this model any justice at all. It's 10x better in person and also bigger than I was expecting. Overall I am seriously pleased with this model and it was definitely worth the wait.

          Detlef K07/04/2021

          An imposing, sleek model. Very nicely done!!

            HAN SUK C24/01/2020
            Great service

            Nice delivery and packing. Perfect condition of the work.

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              SR-71A Blackbird - 61-7960

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              SR-71A Blackbird - 61-7960
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