NA LT-6G Texan
      NA LT-6G Texan
      NA LT-6G Texan

      NA LT-6G Texan Aircraft Model

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      A 1/72 diecast scale model of a US Air Force North American LT-6G Texan.

      6147th Tactical Control Group, Korea

      An American single-engined advanced trainer aircraft - used to train pilots of the USAAF, US Navy, RAF and other air forces of the British Commonwealth.

      Includes a free display stand.

      This model has a nose-to-tail length of 12.7cm (5") and a wingspan width of 17.8cm (7").

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      North American LT-6G Texan Diecast Model

      This 1/72 scale diecast model aircraft of the North American LT-6G Texan is a meticulously crafted replica of the iconic American single-engined advanced trainer aircraft. Serving with the 6147th Tactical Control Group in Korea, the LT-6G Texan played a critical role in training pilots for the USAAF, US Navy, RAF, and other air forces of the British Commonwealth. This model includes a free display stand, making it an excellent addition to any aviation collection.

      Model Dimensions & Specifications:

      • Scale: 1/72
      • Nose-to-Tail Length: 12.7 cm (5 inches)
      • Wingspan Width: 17.8 cm (7 inches)
      • Materials: Diecast Metal & ABS Plastic
      • Display: Includes a free display stand
      • Assembly: This is a ready to display model; no painting or assembly required

      The North American LT-6G Texan, also known as the T-6 Texan, was renowned for its versatility and reliability as an advanced trainer aircraft. It was instrumental in training countless pilots who went on to serve in various air forces during and after World War II. During the Korean War, the LT-6G was also adapted for combat roles, including forward air control and reconnaissance missions. This model celebrates the rich history and enduring legacy of the Texan.


      • AT-6 Texan: The basic advanced trainer version used during World War II.
      • SNJ: The US Navy's version of the Texan, used for pilot training.
      • Harvard: The RAF and Commonwealth air forces' version of the Texan.
      • LT-6G: Modified version used for forward air control and reconnaissance during the Korean War.
      • T-6G: Post-war version with upgraded equipment and systems for continued training use.

      The North American LT-6G Texan's impact on pilot training and its adaptability for combat roles highlight its significance in aviation history. Its widespread use across multiple air forces and its contributions to various military operations underscore its importance. This detailed model pays tribute to the Texan's storied history and the many pilots who trained and served in it.

      Add the iconic North American LT-6G Texan diecast model to your collection and own a piece of aviation history. With its detailed craftsmanship and historical significance, this aircraft model is a must-have for any plane model enthusiast or collector. Order now and enhance your display with this distinguished diecast model!


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      NA LT-6G Texan

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      NA LT-6G Texan
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