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    F4U-4 Corsair "Medal of Honor"
    F4U-4 Corsair "Medal of Honor"
    F4U-4 Corsair "Medal of Honor"
    F4U-4 Corsair "Medal of Honor"
    F4U-4 Corsair "Medal of Honor"
    F4U-4 Corsair "Medal of Honor"
    F4U-4 Corsair "Medal of Honor"

    F4U-4 Corsair "Medal of Honor" Aircraft Model

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    A premium 1/48 scale diecast model aircraft of a Vought F4U-4 Corsair.

    "Medal of Honor" White 205, flown by LTJG Thomas (Lou) Hudner, VF-32, USS Leyte, 4th Dec 1950.

    This premium model features:

    • 1/48 scale pre-finished.
    • Die-cast metal with a minimum of plastic.
    • Professionally painted.
    • All markings are pad applied for superb results.
    • Foldable wings.
    • Comes with display stand.
    • Landing gear can be displayed up or down.
    • Extremely sought after by collectors.

    This model has a wingspan width of 25.5cm (10") and a nose-to-tail length of 21cm (8.25").

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    1/48 Scale Vought F4U Corsair Diecast Model

    Model Details

    Scale & Dimensions:

    This exquisite scale model boasts a 1/48 scale, expertly crafted to represent the iconic Vought F4U Corsair with stunning accuracy. The model measures 25.5cm (10 inches) in wingspan and 21cm (8.25 inches) from nose to tail, perfectly sized for display and admiration.

    Material and Build:

    Constructed primarily from high-quality die-cast metal with minimal plastic, this aircraft model epitomizes durability and sophistication. The build quality is unmatched, ensuring that every detail is rendered with precision, reflecting the true essence of the Vought F4U Corsair.

    Detail and Accuracy:

    The attention to detail on this diecast model is unparalleled. Every marking on the model has been pad applied, ensuring that they are both accurate and aesthetically pleasing. The professional paint job brings the aircraft to life, capturing the spirit of the original Vought F4U Corsair.

    Special Features:

    This model includes several special features that set it apart. The wings are foldable, allowing for a dynamic display, and it comes with a stand for easy presentation. Additionally, the landing gear can be displayed either up or down, offering multiple ways to showcase this magnificent piece.

    Historical Significance

    Development and First Flight:

    The Vought F4U Corsair was a pivotal aircraft developed during World War II, with its first flight taking place in 1940. It was renowned for its powerful engine and distinctive gull-wing design, making it one of the most iconic fighters of the era.

    Combat History:

    With a storied history in combat, the Corsair played a significant role in the Pacific Theater of World War II. It was used by the United States Navy, Marine Corps, and several Allied nations, becoming a symbol of American air power.


    The Corsair achieved numerous milestones, including being one of the first single-engine fighters to exceed 400 mph in level flight. Its versatility and effectiveness solidified its place in aviation history, making it a favorite among pilots and enthusiasts alike.

    Technical Aspects

    Aircraft Variants:

    Over its service life, the Corsair was produced in several variants, including the F4U-1, F4U-4, and F4U-7, each designed for specific roles ranging from carrier operations to ground-attack missions. These variants ensured the Corsair's adaptability and effectiveness across different theaters of war.

    General Specifications:

    The F4U Corsair was known for its impressive performance, including a top speed of over 400 mph, a range of 1,005 miles, and a service ceiling of up to 41,000 feet. These specifications made it a formidable opponent in any combat scenario.

    Weaponry and Defense:

    Armed to the teeth, the Corsair could carry a variety of weapons, including machine guns, cannons, and bombs. Its robust design and powerful armament made it a versatile fighter, capable of engaging both air and ground targets with deadly efficiency.

    In the world of aviation enthusiasts and model collectors, the Vought F4U Corsair diecast model is a treasure not to be missed. Its unparalleled detail, historical accuracy, and special features make it a must-have. Whether for display or as part of a growing collection, this model stands out as a testament to the enduring legacy of one of the most celebrated aircraft in military history. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of aviation history. Add this magnificent model to your collection today.


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    F4U-4 Corsair "Medal of Honor"

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    F4U-4 Corsair "Medal of Honor"
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