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    YF-4E Phantom II
    YF-4E Phantom II
    YF-4E Phantom II
    YF-4E Phantom II
    YF-4E Phantom II
    YF-4E Phantom II

    YF-4E Phantom II

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    A 1/72 scale premium diecast model of a McDonnell Douglas YF-4E Phantom II - 65-0713, AFTC, USAF, 1985.

    This premium model features:

    • True 1/72 scale, ensuring accurate representation of the iconic aircraft
    • Professionally painted with great attention to detail
    • All markings are tampoed (pad applied) for a realistic look
    • Option to display the model on a stand that is provided, with the landing gear in the up or down positions
    • Optional armament provided, and a canopy that can be displayed open or closed
    • Pilot figure included for added realism
    • Made of extremely heavy metal with a minimum of plastic, making it a durable and long-lasting addition to your collection
    • Highly sought after and collectable
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    F-4E Phantom II: Overview and Specifications

    The F-4E variant was an upgraded version of the C/D, featuring an extended nose and compact radar. These enhancements allowed for the installation of a 20mm M61A1 6-barrel 640-round Vulcan gun pod in the nose. With 1,387 aircraft produced over a 12-year period, the F-4E was the most popular variant and served in more air forces than any other Phantom II model.

    Notable Aircraft: USAF 65-0713 c/n 1761

    USAF 65-0713 c/n 1761 is significant for several reasons. Initially produced as an F-4D, it was modified to be the prototype F-4E equipped with an M-61 rotary cannon. However, missiles were deemed sufficient, and cannons weren't added to production models. Brigadier General Charles "Chuck" Yeager took his final flight as an active-duty USAF pilot in this aircraft. The plane also served as a testbed for the F-4G Wild Weasel and other testbeds throughout the 1970s and '80s. It is now on display at the AFFTC Museum, Edwards Air Force Base.

    Specifications of McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II

    • Engines – (2) General Electric J79-GE-17 turbojets
    • Thrust – 11,870 lb. st dry, 17,900 lb. st with afterburners

    Fuel Capacity

    • Maximum internal fuel - fuselage tanks 1,364 US gallons (up to block 40) and 1,225 US gallons (from block 41 on).
    • Additional - 630 gallons of fuel in internal wing tanks.
    • External fuel load - 600 US gallons centerline tank
    • Additional - 370 US gallons tanks under each wing attached to the outer pylon
    • Total fuel load - 3,334 US gallons (up to block 40) or 3,195 US gallons (from block 41 on)


    • Maximum speed – 1,430 mph at 36,000 ft (Mach 2.21), 914 mph at sea level (Mach 1.19)
    • Cruising speed – 585 mph
    • Landing speed – 158 mph
    • Initial climb rate – 61,400 fpm
    • Service ceiling – 62,250 ft
    • Combat ceiling – 59,600 ft
    • Combat range - 595 miles
    • Maximum range - 1,885 miles with maximum external fuel


    • Empty - 29,535 lbs
    • Gross - 40,562 lbs
    • Combat - 38,019 lbs
    • Take off - 61,651 lbs


    • Wingspan - 38 ft 5 in
    • Wing area - 530 sq ft
    • Length - 63 ft 0 in
    • Height - 16 ft 6 in


    • (1) 20-mm M61A1 cannon with 639 rounds in an under-nose gondola
    • (4) AIM-7 Sparrow semi-active radar homing air-to-air missiles in semi-recessed slots in the fuselage belly.
    • (2) to (4) AIM-9 Sidewinder infra-red homing air-to-air missiles carried under the wings on the inboard pylons.
    • Total offensive load of up to 16,000 pounds could be carried on the centerline and four under-wing hard-points.

    Data sheet

    Model Scale
    Zinc Alloy

    Specific References

    owen f21/04/2020
    my fav

    my fav plane amazing detail and design and perfect detail for the weapons

      Best F-4 Phantom i have seen!

      By far the best F-4 Phantom model I have seen! In person it looks SO MUCH better and has such a quality feel to it!! Very chuffed and proud of this model!

        Earle Y16/06/2019

        absolutely top quality aircraft covering the full gamut of aviation. superb back-up by the great staff. models arrive on time and well packaged for protection. definately a 10;10 product and company.

          Stephen R14/06/2019
          Top marks

          Excellent model

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            YF-4E Phantom II

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            YF-4E Phantom II

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