F-16C Barak "Exercise Blue Wings 2020"
      F-16C Barak "Exercise Blue Wings 2020"
      F-16C Barak "Exercise Blue Wings 2020"
      F-16C Barak "Exercise Blue Wings 2020"
      F-16C Barak "Exercise Blue Wings 2020"
      F-16C Barak "Exercise Blue Wings 2020"
      F-16C Barak "Exercise Blue Wings 2020"

      F-16C Barak "Exercise Blue Wings 2020" Aircraft Model

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      A 1/72 scale premium diecast model aircraft of a Lockheed Martin F-16C Barak "Exercise Blue Wings 2020" - No.536, 101 Squadron, Israeli AF IAF, West Germany, 17th August 2020.

      This premium model features:

      • True 1/72 scale, ensuring accurate representation of the iconic aircraft
      • Professionally painted with great attention to detail
      • All markings are tampoed (pad applied) for a realistic look
      • Option to display the model on a stand that is provided, with the landing gear in the up or down positions
      • Canopy that can be displayed open or closed
      • Removable pilot figure included for added realism
      • Made of extremely heavy metal with a minimum of plastic, making it a durable and long-lasting addition to your collection
      • Highly sought after and collectable
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      Meet the Iconic F-16 Fighting Falcon

      Get ready to discover the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon, a single-engine multirole fighter aircraft that has captivated aviation enthusiasts and served air forces around the world. Developed by General Dynamics (now Lockheed Martin), the F-16 has been a critical player in air combat since its introduction in 1978.

      A Perfect Blend of Design and Development

      What makes the F-16 truly special is its innovative design and development. This legendary fighter aircraft was born from the Lightweight Fighter program (LWF) of the 1970s. The LWF aimed to develop a cost-effective, lightweight fighter that could perform various missions while keeping the aircraft's weight and size to a minimum. The F-16's unique design features include a frameless bubble canopy for excellent visibility, a side-mounted control stick for easy handling, and a reclined seat to reduce the impact of g-forces on the pilot.

      Unmatched Operational History

      The F-16's impressive operational history speaks for itself. With over 4,600 units built and service in 25 nations, this fighter aircraft has been involved in numerous conflicts and peacekeeping missions. The F-16 has participated in operations such as the Gulf War, the Iraq War, and NATO missions in the Balkans, demonstrating its prowess as a reliable and effective multirole aircraft.

      Technical Specifications

      • Length: 49 ft 5 in (15.06 m)
      • Wingspan: 32 ft 8 in (9.96 m)
      • Height: 16 ft (4.88 m)
      • Maximum speed: Mach 2 (1,320 mph, 2,120 km/h)
      • Range: 2,620 mi (4,220 km) with drop tanks
      • Service ceiling: 50,000 ft (15,240 m)
      • Rate of climb: 50,000 ft/min (254 m/s)
      • Powerplant: 1 × General Electric F110-GE-100 afterburning turbofan
      • Armament: 1 × 20 mm M61A1 Vulcan 6-barrel rotary cannon, various missiles and bombs

      In conclusion, the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon remains an iconic symbol of aviation history and an essential asset for air forces worldwide. Its innovative design, outstanding performance, and exceptional versatility have made it a favorite among pilots and a key player in modern air combat. The F-16 truly stands as a testament to the power of human ingenuity and the endless possibilities of aerospace engineering.


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      John H18/05/2022
      F-16 Model

      Bought as a gift for my husband who really likes the F16. He was very pleased!! Arrived very quickly and well packaged.

        Michael T12/09/2019
        F-16D Falcon Model

        The attention to detail is impeccable. Great model!

          John robert07/07/2019
          Fantasic model

          This model is very heavy and a very quality feel. Did not realise how big it was either! I am very impressed!

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            F-16C Barak "Exercise Blue Wings 2020"

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            F-16C Barak "Exercise Blue Wings 2020"
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