Sukhoi SU-27SK Flanker B
      Sukhoi SU-27SK Flanker B
      Sukhoi SU-27SK Flanker B
      Sukhoi SU-27SK Flanker B
      Sukhoi SU-27SK Flanker B
      Sukhoi SU-27SK Flanker B

      Sukhoi SU-27SK Flanker B Aircraft Model

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      A 1/72 scale premium diecast model aircraft of a Sukhoi SU-27SK Flanker B.

      62078, PLAAF, Chelyabinsk “Peace Mission-2018”.

      This premium model features:

      • Precision-crafted at a 1/72 scale for authentic detail.
      • Made with durable die-cast metal and minimal plastic.
      • Crisp, pad-printed markings and insignias.
      • Includes a detailed crew figure for added realism.
      • Comes with a stylish, sturdy display stand.
      • Adaptable landing gear for varied display options.
      • Sought-after collectible item for enthusiasts.

      This model has a nose-to-tail length of 30cm (12") and a wingspan width of 20cm (8").

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      Sukhoi SU-27 Premium Diecast Model

      Introducing the 1/72 scale premium diecast model aircraft of the Sukhoi SU-27, a masterpiece of military aviation. This model is precision-crafted with durable die-cast metal, featuring minimal plastic parts, crisp pad-printed markings, and a detailed crew figure for added realism. It comes with a stylish and sturdy display stand and adaptable landing gear, making it a sought-after collectible for aviation enthusiasts.

      Model Dimensions & Specifications:

      • Scale: 1/72
      • Nose-to-Tail Length: 30 cm (12 inches)
      • Wingspan Width: 20 cm (8 inches)
      • Materials: Diecast Metal
      • Display: Includes a free display stand
      • Assembly: This is a ready to display model; no painting or assembly required

      The Sukhoi SU-27, known by its NATO codename "Flanker," is a remarkable aircraft model reflecting the prowess of Soviet-era engineering. It played a critical role in aerial defense, participating in numerous conflicts and notable missions. Designed as a long-range air superiority fighter, the SU-27 excelled in both dogfighting and ground-attack roles, earning its place in aviation history.

      Variants of the Sukhoi SU-27:

      • SU-27P: The original production version designed for air superiority missions.
      • SU-27UB: A twin-seat trainer variant used for pilot training and combat missions.
      • SU-27K (SU-33): A naval variant equipped for carrier operations with enhanced landing gear and folding wings.
      • SU-27M (SU-35): An advanced variant with improved avionics, engines, and weapons systems.

      The SU-27's historical significance is vast, having set numerous records for speed, altitude, and maneuverability. It was integral in the advancement of aerial combat tactics and technology. Notably, the SU-27 was involved in high-profile intercept missions and air superiority engagements, showcasing its exceptional capabilities and contributing to its legendary status in military aviation.

      This diecast model is a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts, offering a high-quality representation of the iconic Sukhoi SU-27. Enhance your collection with this meticulously detailed aircraft model, a tribute to one of the most formidable fighters in aviation history.


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      Sukhoi SU-27SK Flanker B

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      Sukhoi SU-27SK Flanker B
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