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Alitalia Aircraft Models

View our selection of resin and diecast Alitalia model planes. - Ready to Display, True to Scale & Miniature Airplane Models.

Alitalia, officially known as Alitalia - Società Aerea Italiana, was Italy's flag carrier until its operations ceased in 2021. Founded in 1946, Alitalia played a crucial role in connecting Italy with the rest of the world, offering flights to various international destinations across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa. Renowned for its rich heritage, Alitalia symbolized Italian elegance and style in aviation, combining modernity with traditional Italian hospitality.

During its operational years, Alitalia's fleet included aircraft such as the Airbus A320 for short to medium-haul routes, the Boeing 777 for long-haul flights, and the Airbus A330, known for its comfort and efficiency. These aircraft were a testament to Alitalia's commitment to providing a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of aviation.